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Frequently Asked Questions

Scottsdale Family Law Attorney

Family law matters can deal with sensitive emotions and a difficult time in the life of your family. Place your case in the wise hands of our Scottsdale family law attorney for competent, compassionate guidance. Whether you face a divorce or an adoption, our team at Claridge Law Group, PLLC is here to walk you through it.

Do you offer free consultations?
We offer free phone consultations to our new clients. You can expect to meet with our lead family law attorney, not with an associate. This personalized and accessible attention is one of the features of our law firm.

We haven't officially discussed our divorce. Should I speak with my spouse or with my lawyer before this begins?
Discussing your case with a divorce lawyer can prepare you for potential conflicts that may arise as you proceed with your divorce. Furthermore, we present you with the correct steps to take as you begin to draw up the terms of your divorce.

Can't anyone write a prenuptial agreement?
Yes, anyone can. However, if you have the guidance of our family law attorney, you are receiving the benefit of experience as well as peace of mind in knowing that you have effectively covered your needs. Furthermore, we make sure it becomes a legally binding contract.

How long is my divorce going to take?
Even a simple divorce can be very time-intensive. A simple divorce can take more than six months to be finalized. Complex or hostile divorces can take even longer, as they require court review.

Do I have to prove it's my spouse's fault in order to get a clean divorce?
Arizona is a no-fault state, meaning that blame need not be assigned in order to get a divorce. The court does not determine whether any party committed "wrong-doing" against the other.

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Our Scottsdale family law attorney offers free phone consultations.

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