8 Facts About Divorce You Didn't Know

A Deeper Understanding of Divorce Law

We all know the scenario well, first comes love then comes marriage. You fall in love, relish in the glory of being a couple for a set amount of time then take the leap into wedded bliss; or so we think. When the whirlwind romance comes to a halt and couples soon realize for one reason or another their relationship is no longer working out divorce often ensues.

Sad, complicated and often mentally exhausting, divorce is a difficult process for couples to undertake, requiring the services of a skilled divorce attorney, yet it occurs within half of our population. Why is this? Read on to find out 8 interesting facts and statistics about divorce you probably didn’t know.

    1. In the United States 1980 held the record for the highest percentage of divorcees teetering at around 50%. Although statistics today claim that the percentage still looms around 50% in actuality it is difficult to determine. Today statisticians estimate the divorce rate at between 40-60%. The peak divorce rate in 1980 can be chalked up to a few factors, but the largest being the women’s rights movement and the rise of feminism within our culture. Women who once felt trapped in the chains of marriage now felt it was more socially acceptable to initiate a divorce themselves. Socio economic factors including income also come into play, and as society experiences dips and peaks with unemployment those who are laid off or unemployed often find themselves at home with a strained marriage as well.
    2. According to the United States Census Bureau if a partner smokes the marriage is 75% more likely to end in divorce. Surveys showed that this bad habit among men and women was a deep influential factor in the rate of divorce. If one partner smoked and the other didn’t partake the 75% divorce factor was a large player in some of the top reasons the non-smoking spouse filed. Money and health factors play into this statistic and unsurprisingly if the habit wasn’t dropped often divorce ensued.
    3. Men and women in southern states have a higher rate of divorce as compared to their northern counterparts according to the United States Census Bureau. Why is this? The Census bureau found that one of the prominent reasons southern couples split had specific correlation with the age at which they wed. Southern couples who divorce more than likely wed young thus leading to a divorce.
    4. Consecutive marriage have a higher risk of ending in divorce. In 2009 the U.S. Census Bureau found that first time marriages end about 41% of the time, second marriages increase just under 20% at 60% likelihood of a divorce endpoint and third marriages end at a staggering 73%. The reasons for these high percentages are not exactly known, but it can be assumed that first time offenders usually offend over and over again in their marriages.
    5. According to a study dance choreographers have the highest occupational rate for divorce at 43%. In 2010 The Washington Post reported on a study that chronicled the rate of divorce and how a couple’s occupation played into the statistics gathered. At 43% dance choreographers held the highest rate closely followed by bartenders (38.4%) and massage therapists (38.2%). It was theorized in the study that lower income occupations have a greater impact on the decision to divorce among all couples in socioeconomic situations.
    6. Statistics show that the highest rate of divorcees come from a nondenominational religious affiliation (34%) while the lowest rate of divorce comes from the atheist population (21%). Religious affiliation doesn’t seem to have quite the same influence as many previously thought. Coming in second for highest rate of divorce are Jewish couples (30%) followed by Baptist (29%) and Episcopal (28%). So before you assume that those who aren’t affiliated with religion have a higher rate of divorce, take another look at the statistics!
    7. In 2/3 of all marriages it is usually the woman who files for divorce. Surprising? Not really. As stated earlier, the feminist movement played a large role in the divorce rates spiking in the 1980’s.
    8. Divorce can cost billions. Don’t believe us? Rupert Murdoch and Anna Murdoch hold the record for the most expensive divorce topping out at $1.7 billion (yes, billion) dollars. Following suit are Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone with a $1.2 billion dollar divorce, Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi at $874 million and Craig and Wendy McCaw at $460 million. Mel Gibson and his ex-wife Robyn had the most costly divorce in Hollywood estimated at $425 million. Lesson learned? Always have a prenuptial agreement!