Taking Care Of Yourself

Amidst a family law preceding many individuals forget about who they should be taking care of first and foremost… Themselves. Divorces and child custody cases can take a large toll on your well-being, your attorney is there to help you take care of your case but it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. If you are unable to maintain your own well being then your other relationships and activities will suffer as a result of your family proceeding as well.

It’s important to maintain your normal day to day activities and responsibilities. But at times its just as important to put some time aside for yourself to do something that helps you relax. A few things to try to help you relax could include:

  • Setting aside family time for fun and activities without bringing up your proceedings. Your children, siblings, parents and for some pets, go to dinner, a movie or bowling something that is outside your normal routine and that you enjoy;
  • We are all told how important it is to exercise and stay healthy and that is important, but it’s also good to view it as a little escape where you get to a different environment and your only focus for the work out is you;
  • Go out. Concert, movies and sporting events are all good distractions where you can just take the time to enjoy the moment, without having to carry your outside worries around with you.

It’s important to care for yourself so that you can care for those that depend on you. Court proceedings are more like marathons than sprints; it is essential that you prepare yourself properly and take care of yourself.