Is It Worth It?

He is the bad guy here why can’t the court see that?

The judge in your family case isn’t a Judge Judy, they are not there to help justify your feelings by ordering that you were right and he was wrong. The Court is there to oversee the separation and uses the law to guide its decisions.

When you are a party to a case in family court it’s important to remember that for every move you decide to make in court there is usually a price to pay. This means both financially and emotionally. Trying to start a legal battle at every possible turn will start to take its toll on you emotionally and can leave your wallet or purse a little lighter with every step.

What can I do? What does this mean? This means that every step you take in your case should be thought out. Knowing what’s important to you and what’s worth taking that extra step for. For some this could mean more time with our kids, where to others this could mean retaining a house. Also, try to understand what is important to your spouse or your child’s other parent. Knowing what is important to them can help you best find a middle ground that can help create an easier agreement.

Being aware of these things can make the entire process easier on everyone involved and could help keep your attorney fees from becoming excessive.