Consultation Tips

What should I do to prepare for my consultation and what are some things I should consider before coming in?

  1. Know what you are coming in for, if there are certain issues you want to ask about write them down and make a list of them. This can help you ensure you don’t forget what you came in for and also help you stay on topic to ensure a more efficient use of your time.
  2. Bring in your documents, bringing along any relevant documentation can only help the attorney you consult with get a better view of your case.
    To best maximize your time make sure to be on time and to confirm your consultation the day before.
  3. Be mindful of who you bring with you to your consultation, its not always best to bring along a large amount of people to a consultation. Consultations can bring up private issues that you may not want others to know about, bringing a large amount of people can inhibit your ability to disclose essential information that could make a large difference in how the attorney advices you. You also might not want to expose children to these sensitive settings as well.
  4. Keep in mind a consultation is not an attorney agreeing to represent you, there are times when the attorney you have consulted with does not believe you have a case or you have a case that he is unable to help you with. Only when you have a signed agreement has an attorney agreed to represent you. However all consults are confidential.