Marital Home

Marital Home

It’s my home and I would do anything to keep it, what do I do? We all have a strong attachment to our homes, it’s where we live and where our memories are, but it’s not always the wisest decision to keep the house by fighting tooth and nail.

Some valid reasons for wanting to keep a home do exist. Keeping it for the kids, it could be easier on your children if you keep your marital home, by keeping them in the same home they don’t have to adjust to a new home, school or environment all of which can be large adjustments for children. Another reason could be your attachment to the home, for some the home you live in is the one you grew up in, it’s a piece of you and your family and is a part of your family that you don’t want to lose.

Even with a valid reason for wanting to keep a home, it doesn’t mean it’s always a viable option. A few reasons that might make keeping your home not viable are:

  • An inability to afford the mortgage or the upkeep;
  • An inability to come up with an equitable settlement with your spouse;
  • Your spouse is has as good of a reason for wanting the home;
  • The amount spent fighting for the home could be greater than the value of the home.

We all have a connection with our homes and there are number of issues that can arise around dividing up property and deciding who gets the home. It is best to consult an attorney in these matters, an attorney can help you have a better understanding of the situation and of the options and consequences you face.