Honesty, Honestly The Best Policy

Honesty, Honestly The Best Policy

But can’t we just pretend that these accounts don’t exist?

The answer to this will always be no, or at least it should be. Honesty is a virtue to be honored and this most certainly applies in the court room. Dishonesty about your assets can include:

  • Denying they exist;
  • Devaluing them;
  • Exaggerate their value; or
  • Altering a material detail about them.

Being honest with your assets with your attorney is just as important. Your attorney can recognize and evaluate how your property can be addressed and dealt with in your coming proceedings to best suit your best interest. But he can only do so if you have disclosed this information to him.

Hiding and dishonesty about your assets can have serious consequences in court, and what you meant to be an asset to you can end up doing more harm. Consulting with an attorney can help you best address these issues and help you understand your options.