Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • 5 Tips

    There is a lot at stake when you are going through a family law case; at times something we might not normally consider can make a large difference to your situation. Here are 5 quick tips of small things that can help you and your case. Your attorney can't help you with what they don't know about. By being honest with your attorney you're helping yourself by allowing the attorney to most ...
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  • Marital Home

    It’s my home and I would do anything to keep it, what do I do? We all have a strong attachment to our homes, it’s where we live and where our memories are, but it’s not always the wisest decision to keep the house by fighting tooth and nail. Some valid reasons for wanting to keep a home do exist. Keeping it for the kids, it could be easier on your children if you keep your marital home, by keeping ...
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  • Honesty, Honestly The Best Policy

    But can’t we just pretend that these accounts don’t exist? The answer to this will always be no, or at least it should be. Honesty is a virtue to be honored and this most certainly applies in the court room. Dishonesty about your assets can include: Denying they exist; Devaluing them; Exaggerate their value; or Altering a material detail about them. Being honest with your assets with your attorney ...
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