Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • Winner (or loser) by default

    In the court room, just like any sporting event, if your opponent doesn't show up at the start of the fight, you win by default. For this reason every summons by the court should be taken seriously and not be put off to the side until the last minute. The effect of a default judgment could have a great impact upon your life. A default ruling occurs when the moving party properly serves the other ...
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  • Father’s Rights

    Traditionally, there has been the view that a child, given that their parents are not together, should belong with their mother. This made it difficult for fathers to have the desired amount of time with their children. The Courts use best interest factors to in determining how to decide decision making and parenting time for children. In recent years Arizona has altered what is viewed as in the ...
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  • Types Of Legal Decision Making

    My ex said that he only wanted legal decision making regarding our children’s education, what does this mean? Legal decision making is the legal power to make a variety of decisions regarding the upbringing and best interest of your child. It is common for parents to have what is Joint Legal Decision Making, where both parents have a say in how their child is raised. Joint Legal Decision making is ...
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