What potential consequences could I face by using a surrogate mother in order to have children? First it is important to know that contracts or agreements for surrogate parentage in Arizona are prohibited. This means that these agreements are unenforceable and attempting to fulfill one could end up in further unintended consequences to you and your family. When dealing with a surrogacy agreement in Arizona there are a few things that may lead to large conflicts in court:

  • Who the legal mother is;
  • Who the legal father is; and
  • Who has parental rights to the child;

The issue with a surrogacy agreement in Arizona boils down to all of the interested parties, in dealing with a surrogacy the interests of the:

  • Biological mother (one who’s egg was used);
  • Birth mother (one who carried and birthed);
  • Biological father (genetic donor); and
  • If the birth mother was married, the presumed father

Are taken into consideration in deciding the parentage of the child.

In dealing with a surrogacy issue it is best to consult and obtain the advice of an attorney in proceeding. Surrogacy issues can be complex and have a great effect upon your family, having an attorney to guide you through the process can help protect your rights as a parent.

This blog is not intended as legal or any other type of advice, but merely as an informational tool.