Covenant Marriage??

Covenant Marriage??

My significant other has asked for a covenant marriage, so what is it? A covenant marriage is a unique marital status that has different requirements to obtain and has a stricter standard to meet in order to get separated.

In order to obtain a covenant marriage a couple must provide a declaration of intent that includes; a written statement as set out by the state, a signed and sworn statement that the couple has received premarital counseling from a member of the clergy or a marriage counselor, and signatures of both parties must be witnessed by a court clerk.

A covenant marriage also has a stricter standard in order to be granted a divorce or legal separation. In order to obtain a separation there must be a showing by the party wishing for the separation that their spouse has:

  1. Committed adultery
  2. Committed a felony and were imprisoned
  3. Abused them, a child, a relative to either party living with them permanently
  4. Committed domestic violent or emotional abuse
  5. A habitual drug or alcohol problem
  6. The court can also grant separations in situations where the spouses have been living apart, depending on the length and conditions or the separation. Lastly, a separation can be granted
  7. when both parties agree to the separation.

Covenant marriages are typically associated with, but are not limited to, religious marriages. If considering obtaining or trying to dissolve a covenant marriage it is best to consult with an attorney. An attorney can offer advice and guidance in a process that is very strict and has heavy consequences upon your life.