Been Served? Now What?

Been Served? Now What?

Maybe you saw it coming, maybe it knocked your socks off. Either way, once you have been served with divorce or modification documents, you need to act quickly.

Depending on how you were served and where, you either have 20 or 30 days to file a response in the appropriate court. Failure to do so could result in a default ruling (A default ruling is where the court decides every issue in favor of the filing party).

Be careful, the deadline approaches quickly. The first step is to relax, and let the initial shock of the situation subside. Then consult with an attorney in plenty of time to file to your response. An attorney will help guide you through the process, both emotionally and legally.

After choosing an attorney, tell them everything they need to know about your case, so they may file an appropriate response that aligns with your goals.

Most importantly, take time for yourself and try to relax. This too will pass.